Sunday, June 17, 2012


We think we have full control of ours lives, our thoughts and our actions. But in we? Think for a moment, remember the last thing your really wanted to do but could not... What stopped you? What were the limiting factors? Chances are it was not physical,financial or even emotional limits which prevented you from action. Our everyday lives become so routine and systematic that we have difficulty actually seeing what is happening around us. Every day new laws are passed, new regulations and acts passed by lawmakers, restrictions developed by politicians. These are all limiting how we think,how we act and how we feel. Equality no longer means everyone is treated equal. The new meaning of equality is "as long as you fit our ideal you can be equal". Take for example the recent push for gay marriage. Straight away all Christians are up in arms and vocal proclaiming what they think God wants. Lecturing and giving sermons on their "ideal of equality" and in reality that is all it opinion. What gives a group the right to tell others how they should behave and think? Simply...FEAR...HELL AND DAMNATION. We are in the 21st century...we are supposedly intelligent and progressive thinking. But are we? Think for a moment...what would it really matter to YOU if anyone could marry anyone... How would it affect your relationships... Quite simply ..IT WOULD NOT. Many aspects of our every day lives are censored.We can only go to certain places at certain times, we can't do this here or that there. We are already suppressed...have we really lost the full meaning of equality to which every human has a right?
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